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About us-Meet Our Staff

As Director of Recruitment, I take tremendous pride in our commitment to meet the unique needs of our clients, as well as those candidates we place. We separate ourselves in the recruiting business by being meticulous in matching the right candidate with the perfect job. Our approach is aimed at improving our clients employee retention and help build long term relationships. We rate our success based upon our ability to make the perfect match!

Being an executive recruiter with RTC Solutions is both enjoyable and rewarding. The ability to build relationships with people and help meet their needs is very gratifying. As a recruiter, I know that I am providing services to others that make a huge difference with people and companies – that is what the job is all about for me!

We keep our eyes focused on the prize – our goal is to keep both the employer and candidates happy. We believe if we are successful in achieving this goal, we will maintain our reputation as the best in our field!